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...I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and for working with Allied in regards to this business.  I received an order yesterday for 1000 pieces.  We were able to pass on the cost savings you provided to Allied onto our customer, which allowed them to keep the business in the states.  Which makes us all happy!  We appreciate your support and look forward to pushing more business your way in the future.





...I resigned from ... last week. My last day is Friday 8/20.
I've accepted a position with an old friend of mine at a company called ......
I just wanted to say it was a REAL pleasure working with you & Chris. You guys are CLASS ACTS.
I made sure to mention that to Chip last Friday when we were talking.

I'd like to stay in touch with you guys. You can reach me on my personal cell if you need my help.
Of course, I'm here until end of next week.

Good luck - Mike



As I am preparing to retire from Raytheon, I would like to thank you for your help with Patriot EMI filter. It was a pleasure working with you.

Craig will be taking over as the power system lead, so you can contact him regarding future plans for this work.

Best regards,

Neil has been very responsive over the years presenting the capabilities of competent companies like Captor.  Captor is a very capable developer and supplier of EMI filters that may bail us out in GBADS.  I keep Neil on my file of "go to guys" if EMI problems get in my way.


.....I wanted to say thank you Chris, for all of your help.  This Program has been elevated to our end customer’s management, and your effort and diligence getting answers are extremely helpful.

Thanks, Bruce

I had the complete pleasure of working with both Chris Ricci and Neil Reynolds as my former local representation for the NE Territory for the last 3 years of my employment at Martek Power (known as Cooperbussman/Eaton.)

Their individual 20+ years of experience, key personnel contacts, relationships, and knowledge base within the power electronics industry is exemplary. 

Having ISI as my local representation for all of my military, medical, telecommunications, and high industrial grade business accounts, has helped me extend my corporate product visibility and expansion within my account base.

I strongly recommend Integral Sales Inc (ISI) as your local representative of choice for the NE Territory.


Darrick Hines

Regional Sales Manager

To: Neil Reynolds <>
Subject: RE: EMI Filters - Repair



Thanks for the super amazing fast response.  I appreciate such great service.

I assume Captor will provide a quote once they examine these units in person and see if they are salvageable?





...."just as you say you’d like to find another “Captor” to represent, we often say we’d like to find another “ISI” to represent us."


Keep up the good work!


Have a great weekend.


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